Monday, June 27, 2011

It's Been a VERY Busy Month!

I have been too busy making dance wear to post!  But today, the fog lifts a little and I have a moment to mention a little of what we have been doing.  Hopefully in two weeks, I'll have photos from The Twin Cities Open competition to post as well, but just to get up to date... 

First, today Jane picked up her new ballgown, to go along with her Purple Volcano Rhythm gown of a month ago.  It's a simple and clean design with plenty of sparkle, in a color that looks a little like Caribbean ocean water to me.  The jewelry designer in me would call it Blue Zircon, which is the color of the rhinestones on the body.  She looks happy, doesn't she!  As we speak, she is having a dress rehearsal on her lesson with teacher Charlie Hardcastle, and I anxiously await a "thumbs up!"  It has a floaty organza skirt stiffened at the hemline with matching crinoline braid, and I think it will dance like a cloud!  Here are a couple more quick shots, and yet another version of one of my favorite necklace designs, adjusted to neatly fit the space provided.

Immediately before that project, the beautiful Christine Hallberg picked up her new Hematite ballroom gown, (I'm calling it "Fierce!") which I am dying to share with you, but I do not yet have a single photo. Hopefully, I'll have some photos from TCO.  Christine is finishing her own rhinestone embellishment.

Additionally several Gently Used gowns from our rack went to new owners.  Sue purchased Flame Latin, and I shipped it to her Florida address today!

Then another of my favorite gowns found a new home.  Joyce and her husband visited my studio to try on a very inexpensive little rhythm gown, and after many try-ons, upgraded dramatically, leaving the studio with a splendid piece that serves both for the rhythm dances and for the ballroom dances.  It's a personal favorite of mine, and I was told Joyce looked great in the gown, "As though it had been made for her!" at her Dancer's Studio showcase two weekends ago.  I am hoping she might dance at TCO as well, so I can have pictures.  Here is her new Gently Used "Navaho Rose" gown in it's rhythm mode:

It was such a great piece of fabric and so fun to design and enbellish!   And this is what it looks like, when converted into a ballroom gown:

Joyce really looked fantastic in it, and both she and her husband seemed to agree it was a good purchase.  I was so happy for her!

Then "Jade Swirl" was purchased by Gwen, who I thought looked lovely in it, again for TCO.  She also had us re-model an off-the-rack dress for use in her Rhythm dancing, which I think turned out very nicely.  Gwen is doing her own rhinestone application as well, so I am hoping for photos again from the competition to post here.  Here's her new ballgown:

We are also finishing two more gowns for Twin Cities Open, (just eight days away!!!) and have dressed four gentlemen, Tom, Kent, Alan, and Troy, as well as adding wings to a new Gently Used gown for Patty, and another for Suzanne, and adding sleeves to a Rhythm gown for Jacqueline. 

Boy, do I ever have a load of photos to take! 

So you can see why I have been neglecting my blog, and the blogs of my friends as well, and I apologize!  June is usually my craziest month, and when you add my son's High School Graduation and college parent orientation into the mix, plus many graduation parties to attend, and one to plan...   It's been a VERY busy month!