Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kate: Shaken, Not Stirred

Sometimes, the jewelry is almost the most important part of the costume!
Kate wanted a elegant and sexy look for her new Rhythm gown.  Something that one of James Bond's consorts might have worn.  Something with a lot of class and a little flirt.  Something a little dangerous!  She had a skirt shape in mind when she arrived.
A soft, sheer but satiny skirt with lots of movement.  And enough sparkle power to dazzle a guy like James.
And maybe a few bracelets?  Just for good measure?
Shoeless, makeup-free, and without the usual quarts of hair product, when she picked up her gown... she looked GREAT!  What a beautiful back!!!
And in action...  WOW!
I think Gordon even has "Bond Hair!"  It's always a pleasure, Kate.
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