Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Last Chance for Menswear and Gently Used Gowns at Minnesota Madness

Dear Clients Past and Present,

In the interest of beginning to move toward my retirement, I have made the decision to eliminate some portions of my business and focus on others.  The biggest changes are:

   1)  I will be eliminating menswear.
   2)  I will not be vending at events any longer.
3)  I willl no longer offer a consignment service for Gently Used costumes.
   4)  Instead of 40-45 projects per year, I will take about 20.

My final event as a vendor will be the Minnesota Madness, October 19th, 10:30am until 8:00pm, at the Medina Ballroom.  The event runs until 10:30, but I will stop selling at 8:00pm.

I will be contacting you all to encourage you to tell me your lowest imaginable selling price, so that I can sell as many costumes for you as possible, without having to contact you for negotiation,  I will mark each gown with the price you name.  I encourage you to think big, because after this event, I will ask you to pick up any unsold gowns.  I will be happy to keep them listed on my website, if you like, but potential buyers will constact you to schedule appointments to try on your gowns at your home.

I will mark my existing menswear down 20%, and may increase that markdown as the event progresses.  Michele is no longer working with me and no more of our menswear will be made.

Thanks to all of you for 28 great years, and I am looking forward to working with you in the final years of Made for Movement.

Fondly, Marsha