Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Perfect Pink for Zhuojing

We are really pleased with the beautiful photos that Zhuojing's daughter Jessica took and will let them do most of the speaking in this post. I was sad to be out of town for Twin Cities Open, when the gown debuted, and so very happy to have a chance to see how it looked and moved.

Briefly, with respect to design, Zhuojing is not a large dancer, so visibility on the floor is always one of the most important considerations for her gowns.  She knew she wanted the gown shaped similarly to her recent Rhythm gown.  She wanted to look feminine, grown-up, and beautiful, and she wanted a pink gown.  But... WHICH pink?  Not anything pastel, which would not be sufficiently sophisticated and "grown-up."  Not too hot a pink and not too neon. Subtle, but bright pink, to keep her small body visible.  We looked a a multitude of pinks, and finally decided on one called "Electric Pink."  The coolness in the pink calmed the look.  It was bright and super visible, but still had the potential for elegance. 

Then we chose details that helped support elegant and feminine.  Satin.  Flower imagery. And LOTS of sparkle.
One of my favorite things about working with rhinestones is the fact that something simple can become something amazing.  Take for example, this pretty embroidered floral applique motif.  It's a nice shape and has an interesting edge.  The use of the light and dark implies that the petals are open wide, and the edges are curling back away from our eye and the light.  But the color is pretty subdued, and a little muddy for our vibrantly electric pink.

BUT, if we add the right rhinestones, the applique transforms to become the perfect accessory and accent point for this gown.
Improved intensity, support for the shading already in place, and now, the perfect color! Plus it has a elegance and subtlety it did not have before, support our design goals needed.  We used the flowers in three places, on her front left hip, right shoulder and at her right hip in the back.

Zhuojing did her own rhinestone application to keep her gown cost reasonable, as many of my clients do, and she did a great job of it!  In addition to bringing the flowers to life, she encrusted the bodice of her gown with Light Siam AB stones in three sizes. 
I am really pleased with the back of this gown.
And these are our suits on Jay, by the way.  Congratulations on a beautiful new gown, Zhuojing!

Monday, August 13, 2012

New Listings for August!

I am back at work and anxious to show you what we made last spring at Made for Movement.  I'm collecting images and stories, and if you have anything to share with me from Twin Cities Open 2012, please do! 

We are happy to show you two new Gently Used listings in the harder to come by size range of 14-18.  If you or someone you know is interested in either of these beauties, fair warning, larger sizes sell fast!
First we have a beautiful sheath style Rhythm gown in slimming Sapphire blue, with lots of lush detailing.  Swirly leaves slash diagonally across the neckline and beneath the bust of this sleek gown, and continue onto sleeve and shoulder.
The leaves are outlined in  Swarovski Crystal AB and filled with Chrysolite, Olivene, Emerald, Peridot, Aquamarine, Sapphire and Blue Zircon.  The supple dance crepe body is covered with Cobalt, and as with all Made for Movement gowns, a lycra body suit provides support and structure underneath. Delicate flesh mesh left sleeve supports your arm and glimmers with ss16 Topaz AB. The gown is finished with two layers of rayon fringe for lots of great movement and nicely displayed leg action.
This gown includes a simple pair of leaf motif earrings.
Asking price is $1600.

Also just listed is this Monet print ballgown, currently configured with a diagonal georgette sash and substantial left side float.  It features a slim, dropped waist bodice of print stretch mesh over soft and stretchy angelskin, embellished with matching Swarovski ss20 crystals.

A soft georgette two layer skirt, with a double circle volume, is the same print over solid soft turquoise, and provides rich, full movement.
The back has a delicate cowl and the shoulders and hip are embellished with organza leaves, edged in Crystal AB.  This gown comes with three georgette flower hair clips, and a pair of delicate rosette earrings.
The gown originally had a banner of crystal AB dew kissed fabric roses, and these could replace the front drape, if a sleeker look if desired.
Visit us at our website, www.made4movement.com to check out these and more Gently Used listings!