Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kim's Fuchsia Petunia

When Kim and I began working on her Rhythm gown for her trip to Ohio Star Ball this November, neither of us intended to make a gown that might remind anyone of a ruffled flower.  But that is exactly what I see when Kim puts on this soft, beautiful gown. The skirt with its delicately ruffled edge calls to mind an upside down petunia, or maybe a peony.

Kim is a girly girl.  The kind who walks into my studio wearing a pink trench coat and carrying a gorgeous handbag with a huge 3D leather flower on the side.  When I ask her to take out a clip to put up her long, curly hair, it's shaped like a butterfly and has pink rhinestones on it. Those kinds of choices are always intentional and telling, and the sort of thing that really cannot be denied.  But it's entirely possible to be girly without being cute or cloying.

Kim wanted her new gown to be sexy and sensuous.  She hoped for a hint of rhinestone encrusted bra, but wanted the overall image to be classy and subtle. The soft, matte stretch mesh edges temper the rhinestone-encrusted bust area  As a dancer in the over 35 age category, she wanted some things covered, so no bare tummy or super low cut back were indicated.  But she wanted to show all the great looking skin available.   I am very fond of the ladder back detailing.

 Jewelry is important to call attention to beautiful arm styling and a pretty face, so this necklace, earrings and bracelets do just that.

Originally, Kim said "jewel tones" and we began the gown with a piece of sequin cloth in emerald and zircon tones, but the shiny fabric didn't feel right to her, so we switched to this lipstick fuchsia color and the results were great.  The color is super saturated, the sort of thing you see only in a garden at its peak of perfection and vibrancy and really looks wonderful and right on Kim, while supporting her inherent femininity.  It has enough depth to be taken seriously, and a maturity that you could not get from a hot bright pink.  If it's a jewel, it is perhaps the deep rose of pigeon blood ruby.

The layers in her softly draped skirt really move beautifully around her long legs.  I visited Minnesota Madness for just a few hours, and got just one, wonderful shot of the back of her gown in action, which I will share here.
   And If you want to see her beautiful face, I'll share a photo of her Phoenix Ballgown as well!
Best of luck to you Kim at Ohio Star Ball.  We'll look for you on PBS when they air "Championship Ballroom Dancing!"

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Eva Maria Keiser said...

Spectacular...the back is as amazing as the front.
-Eva Maria