Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Hostess Mary Christmas says THANK YOU for a Great Year!

Thanks SO MUCH to all Made for Movement clients for a great 2015! My 2016 is almost entirely booked, and really, over-booked for the first half of the year, so if you are thinking of a gown in the coming year, call fast!

Many of my clients may know Mary as humble Waltzing Matilda, studio fixture devoted principally to holding skirt panels and bodice pieces for me until they are assembled for other more shapely dress forms.  So she was thrilled to be tapped for the job of Holiday Hostess.

I don't know all of Mary's history. But I do know she had a previous owner, who had a substantial backside and not much in the bust department.  SO, being a UniquelyYou model, I let out her cover at the front, and provided her with free implants, a service many of my clients would also be familiar with. :)

Then her cover was re-fit to her new and improved shape.

I provided her with a new external skin with a nice tan, and and a tube top of bright red panne velvet, draped and pinned into shape.

With the help of my husband, she got a crinoline of dart-folded chicken wire, with a spring steel boning hem line for strength, and a skinny, chic green wire belt.  I know I took a photo of her crinoline before I started covering it, but sigh, it is gone. Here you can see just the top of it and the twist ties holding it to the wire belt.

Then, beginning at the bottom, over the spring steel, I cable-tied pine garland, up to the halfway point of the 36" chicken wire shirt.

Poinsettia garland was swagged to create the illusion of panniers, and I began filling she space between the poinsettias and fir with an iridescent bay leaf garland. I filled in above the swags with holly garland, and down the front and back with random silk sprays from the myriad boxes of holiday florals I have collected for years.  I contemplated lights, but decided she was sufficient to the task and also heavy enough.  But I did add some baubles and bows.  A friend had sent me a gift tied with a lace bow, and that became her neck edge.  More baubles and berries were pinned in place for a necklace and our Holiday Hostess was complete!

Mary and I wish you The Merriest of Holiday Seasons, and  Happy 2016!