Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Randee's Hot Magenta

I have the most amazing clients!  Take Randee for example.  Randee is a former model and makeup artist, as well as a dancer.  She was willing to spend HOURS doing her hair and makeup in preparation for picking up her new gown and allowing me to take some photos for my blog.  I'd like to think my photography skills are improving, but in this case, I suspect it's the subject that improves my images.

Randee and I are both happy with the entire gown, but there are some particular elements I'd like to show off.

First, I have to give credit to my friend Marliss Jensen of Iris Color Studio.  Together, about 10 years ago, we worked out the process we use to create the shaded ombre effect featured in the skirt.  I choose colors (in this case, just the one) and Marliss prepares a dyed swatch to test the color accuracy and allow me to plan where I want the transitions to take place. I prepare the silk by washing it, cutting and sewing the skirt panels with silk thread, so stitches will dye with the silk, and even finishing the seams with silk surging thread.   Then I create a muslin jig and sew it to the bottom of the skirt, to give Marliss a means to control the mass of fabric at the hemline, as well as something to hang onto while dipping the skirt, upside down, into the dye vat.

In this case Marliss did her swatch on a piece of silk I had in my shop, but the stuff I ordered had been "dyed" white, infused with something to whiten the natural color of the silk.  She really had to work to get the "whitener" out and the color in as we wanted it to be, but as usual, she did a fantastic job. The color is one of Chrisanne's newest for 2011, called Hot Magenta.

Take a look at the bottom of the right sleeve, a pretty idea of Randee's.

The custom jewelry was designed for Randee to work specifically with this gown.  We co-ordinated the shape of the necklace with the shape of the necklline. The earrings were carefully planned to flatter her lovely chin and neck.  We wanted a big, chunky cuff for her bare arm, to call attention to her arm and hand styling, and I think this fits the purpose nicely.

If I told you her age, I promise you, you would fall out of your chair, and never again have a working excuse for a sagging jaw or wobbly underarm.

And speaking of pretty body parts, I think her back looks fantastic as well! And I would say the hours of hair styling paid off beautifully.

A HUGE thank you to Randee for letting me share her gorgeous new gown with you right away.  She won't have a chance to wear it until Twin Cities Open in July, but was kind enough to allow me to debut it here.  I can't wait to see some action shots.  In parting, here are a couple of other projects Randee and I have done together.


Chris Maj said...

WOW! Jewelry, dresses and Randee...all WOW! I can just imagine how gleeful you must feel looking at those pictures. Simply incredible work!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

You are so right Chris. I have amazing clients and they provide me with the most excellent opportunities. My most "gleeful" moments happen when attending competitions, and seeing a heat that includes every dancer on the floor in gowns I have made. :o) !

Sandy Spivey said...

Magnificent, Marsha! Again you bowl me over with your incredible talent. The dress...OMG! The jewelry... equally so! The model is also exquisite. It all comes together in a perfect package.

Patty said...

Marsha, all I can say, is WOW- a beautiful woman in a beautiful dress!

Marsha Wiest-Hines said...

Thanks so much Sandy and Patty! I really appreciate your reading and comments!

Enchanted Beads said...

So much talent, attention to details, a life fulfilled with artistic bliss, Marsha! No wonder your work attracts such exquisite models!

Congratulations to the artist, to the beautiful Randee and to all who contributed to this great success.


shibori girl said...

All your attention to details paid off, big time! What a fabulous package, and a beautiful dancer to wear it all.

I wish her luck at the open...


Eva Maria Keiser said...

Marsha, how joyful and elegant your works are. These ladies, the gowns and jewelry are so elegant. Love it all!
Eva Maria

Lauren said...

I love the top of the new outfit, and I love the two previous projects, especially the all-purple one.

Great dresses, great model. I love Randee's poise. :)